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Weekly word of advice: working with teams can help your goals

"No Man is an Island", is the famous line from Devotions, written in 1624,by John Donne, that refers to the presumption that no man is an island unto himself and that every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the the main. If you are a martial artist that has for some reason lost your Master, or have lost your place of training through any reason, you must find another venue to become a part of. We must always work at becoming part of a team. This is always preferable.

Even today there are some called Preppers that feel they must go off into the wilderness and divorce themselves from the public and become that island. But frequently they find that they need other people; either for supplies, services or just for plain conversation.

It is similar with us as martial artists. We may train alone, we may access youtube videos, we may feel we can advance on our own. But it is a rarity. We are designed as humans to desire the company the acceptance and the solace of others.

Don't try to keep up with your love of martial arts on your own. Join us, the Martial Arts Nation United Professionals to feel connected, to have opportunities, and to be able to advance in your art.

You deserve it.